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Ummm I am never sure what to put here. I suppose I should say I am here thanks to Sarah Lane. Didnt know what the hell tumblr was till she told me lol

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Shocked that people are calling me fat from my previous post on facebook. (the pic of me in the chocolate rain shirt). I usually dont care about negative comments but body image is an important issue to me. I dont want any of my viewers to feel like they have to be a stick to be accepted. Its…

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"Hold on tight, hold on fast, this aint the kind that always lasts, if you want me to go just ask me to go ill go, all the way my love, over the hills and right on through you, runaway my love over the hills and right on through you, over the hills and right on through you…."
Steaming by Sarah McLachlan
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I ask myself this constantly yet no answer to be found. I wish life could slow down

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Thoughts pt 1

Sometimes I wonder if I should follow my dreams or play it safe.

Sometimes I pretend that I’m a different person. Then I remember I’m just me. Plain and unassuming

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My triumphant return to TUMBLR bitches :D

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Brooke:How do you spell two?
Me:O_O Really?
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on i20 heading to dallas. This is gonna be a long ride lol at least i have my stevie nicks cd

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the used- all that i got ~vanitys sin~

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